It shall be the mission of this organization to
provide a new paradigm of representation for the American Family.
It will endeavor to provide leadership in the form detailed public policies,
spokesmanship in the form of public relations services,
and accountability in the form of issues and district oversight.


When a Republic form of represenation is combined with a free market enterprise system that exists soley for the sake of profits, a collusion between economic and political forces begin to deny certain groups of people their ability to achieve and prosper. The ideals of democracy are never served if all men and women are not given a voice in the direction of the country. The complexities surrounding all of the considerations are enormous.

A balance between leadership and representation must be struck so that mass cultural leanings do not circumvent or forstall the necessary progress of the individual. This individual takes his or her representation in the format of the family and it is this family unit that must form the basis of every economic and political consideration both foreign and domestic. These considerations must be addressed on many fronts one of which is comprehensive policy making.

Ahearn for Families is now on a course to deliver these policies. They will form the foundation of all of the other items found on this site and will be linked to/from other sections with direct bearing. The following is a preliminary draft outline centeredaround the following three key stakeholders: a) The Family, b) The Business, and, c) The Government. As the policies are developed some sections will be combined, collated, or renamed.
    1. Introduction
    2. The Struggling Family
    3. The Triangle of American Politics
    4. The Loss of our Heritage
    1. The Family
    2. Immigration and Equal Opportunity
    3. Retirement and Social Security
    4. Health Care
    5. Child Care and Education
    6. Housing and Community Infrastructure
    7. Military Families and Veterans
    1. The Business
    2. Technology Applied or Researched
    3. Patent Law and Entrepernuership
    4. Employer-Employee Relationships
    5. Environmental Responsibility
    6. Foreign Labor and Manufacturing
    7. Import and Export Policies
    8. Taxes and Investments
    9. Consumer Protection
    1. The Government
    2. Domestic and Foreign policy
    3. National Defense
    4. Weapons and Military Personnel
    5. National Disaster Policies
    6. Congressional Accountability
    7. Federal Agencies and Legislative Oversight
    8. Judicial System Responsibilities
    9. Citizen Participation
    10. Regulation and Capital Competition
    11. Social Evolution and American Values
    1. Infrastructure
    2. Utility and Energy Technologies
    3. Transportion and Energy Approaches
    4. Air Transportation Infrastructure
    5. Family and General Welfare Responsibilities
    6. Medical Equipment and HC Infrastructure
    7. Professional Careers and Education
    8. The Environment
    1. Problems:
    2. Education and Cultural Ignorance
    3. Economic Inertia: Chicken or Egg Investing
    4. Government Integrity and Accountability
    5. Taxation and Representation
    1. The Future:
    2. Mutual Social Ascendancy: The American Dream
    3. Cities and Communities of Tommorrow
    4. National Unification: The Beginning of Peace